About Me

I’ve had a keen interest in radio since I was a kid.

My first ever radio was a Uniden 100 complete with a modulator antenna on a magnetic mount mounted on a biscuit tin!

Anyway once I got to 16-17 years of age, my interest in radio was taken over with an interest in females..

Now at the age of 37, I was recently given a Roberts radio to play about with. Out of sheer curiosity I found myself listening on the UK CB band. Surprised that there was still people active, I decided to go out a buy a new CB and a cheap GP antenna. This was back in September 2014.

Around December time of the same year, I started contacting local amateur radio clubs with a view to taking the foundation course. In March 2015 I took the foundation exam at Wakefield and District radio society.

passing the foundation in March 2015, I became a member of the Wakefield club and in September 2015 I passed the intermediate exam. and more recently in Novemeber 2016 I passed the Advanced exam.

My call signs are:- M6FHP, 2E0DQD and Now M0XZT,

My main interests are at moment are operating Digi modes such as BPSK, RTTY and SSTV.

My Favourite bands are 20 and 40 meters.