MB6IDR Update

Just a quick update on MB6IDR, Around 1 month after becoming operational. a serious fault developed with the node radio. this was replaced with a Tait TM8250 which has been running perfectly every since, In fact it is better than the Motorola GM340 it replaced! bit error rate is much better usually 0.0 to 0.1%

Apart from the hardware update. there has also been an updated the Pi-Star software and now FCS reflector access is available. see MB6IDR qrz page for more info.

finally a couple of pics of the node hardware:- Tait TM8250 + an STM32-DVM v2 from repeater builder/ N3XCC

MB6IDR Operational

MB6IDR Located in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire


Simplex gateway connected to Brandmeister DMR and YSF open source reflector system.

TX/RX 431.1625 colour code 5, time slot 2.

To use the reflector system on Brandmeister, all you need programmed into your radio is TG9, time slot 2, with colour code 5. to connect to a reflector go into contacts, manual dial, type in the number you want and then press the ptt for about 1 second. to disconnect use 4000. talkgroups can also be used.

After 10mins of inactivity, MB6IDR will return to reflector 4400

A full list of BM talkgroups and reflectors can be found here

The C4FM/Fusion part of the node works the same as accessing WiresX on a Yaesu repeater/node, the only differnce being is the rooms available differ from those on the Yaesu system.

A full list of YSF rooms can be found here

Finally after 30 seconds of no activity on either mode, both modes will be available again.



MB6IDR is only licenced for attended operation

any questions or reports please contact Paul M0XZT.